Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What is Going on?

So, I'm taking a walk down Broad Street last week and, just as I pass a man who is headed into Starbuck's, he spits and just barely misses me. I don't say or do anything but then it happens again and this time, he just misses my shoe. So I turn around to see who the manner-less cretin is and he blasts me with a barrage of racist and vile obscenities. He finishes his tirade by calling me a piece of trash who thinks they're better than everyone else. I glared at him, but I concluded all the bulbs on his strand weren't lit, and I moved on. A day later, in almost the exact same spot, again someone nearly spits on me. This time it's a young man and upon realizing how close he came to spitting on me, he issued a profuse apology. A few days after that, I'm closer to home, on 11th Street, and lo and behold, I encounter another spitter, this time issuing no apology but no tirade either.

This next story, however, is the icing on the cake. About a block from home this evening, I heard a window slam shut about 3 stories above me and the lit cigarette someone tossed out of it barely missed the top of my head. I stopped and stared upward to see who the offending party was, but they did not make themselves known.

I remember reading in a little Adoration booklet once that we will never know Jesus until we've been spat upon and cursed at. I'm not quite sure my experiences were what this author had in mind. However, when I look back at myself about five years ago, I can see that these minor annoyances are God's way of testing me, because I would never have just walked away from such blatant disrespect. Now, it bothers me, but not enough to lower myself to respond in kind. And not so much that I don't remember to pray for the conversion of the offending person.


  1. Whoa! and Yuk! MY fave is when the GIRLS go around spitting like pirates or something. I know this is not a spiritual insight---just a commiseration--but I hear ya!
    On a deeper level-often when we are outside the 12th and Locust Planned Parenthood, and someone yells things at us, I TRY to consider it an honor to be reviled for Christ. Operative word is TRY. :)

  2. Yes, I know what you mean about what goes on outside Planned Parenthood. That is exactly how I would look upon the abuse, by recalling Christ's words about being reviled because we bear witness to Him ( or, in my case, try to, anyway). Who knows, maybe if that man had not spit on me and cursed at me, no one would have prayed for him that day or any other?

  3. Your post was insightful and said in such an honest human way, for me it was thought provoking.
    Being spat at. So base, so vile!...And you know it made me think 'isn't it the LEAST OF OUR BRETHREN, that would do that in the first place?' The inverse of what Jesus taught is true too: Whatever we don't do, is for (or to) Him also.
    I got cut off about 6 months ago on the freeway, tried to get out of the way and the kid pulled back in front of me and slowed down. Anyway, I was MAD. 6 months later I still get irritated by it! But your post got me to thinkin'...whatever anger I hold back can be sanctifying too...thanks for the post. Happy New Year!

  4. cyejbv
    one thing I have learned PARTICULARLY when driving is that the spiteful, dangerous and somewhat just annoying things other drivers do present an opportunity to take the high road, turn the other cheek, and make a sacrifice for God by not responding in kind.
    Happy New Year to you too :-D


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