Friday, December 24, 2010

A Minute With St. Therese

"My heart was broken when going to the Midnight Mass; I was counting on assisting at it behind Carmel's grilles! This trial was very great for my faith, but the One Whose heart watches even when He sleeps, made me understand that to those whose faith is like that of a mustard seed, He grants miracles and moves mountains in order to strengthen this faith, which is still small; but for His intimate friends, for His Mother, He works no miracles before having tried their faith. Did He not allow Lazarus to die, even after Martha and Mary told Him he was sick? As the wedding of Cana when the Blessed Virgin asked Jesus to come to the help of the head of the house, didn't He answer her that His hour had not yet come? But after the trial, what a reward! The water was changed into wine..... Lazarus was raised from the dead! Thus Jesus acted toward His little Therese; after having tried her for a long time, He granted all the desires of her heart."

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