Saturday, December 11, 2010

Roses From Heaven

It is no secret that I have not been happy in my job. I feel that the environment is one which does its best to rob people of their joy and spirit, so I've been on the hunt for something else. There have been a few promising prospects, but it's been a slow process. However, one hospital in particular seemed anxious to close the deal with me, which I would be willing to do it except for one thing - they want me in too early in the morning to allow me to get to morning Mass. I was down in the dumps all day yesterday, even though I spent a pleasant afternoon in Lancaster with my mom and my youngest and had solid job offer. "What's your obstacle?", my mother asked me.

"That I may not be able to get to daily Mass. I don't know if I'm willing to give that up for a new job, but I know I can't stay in the one I'm in."

My mother is a life-long Catholic and a daily communicant, but I know she doesn't understand how much it means to me to be able to go to Mass nearly every day. All day yesterday, I asked God to show me what He wants of me and, if possible, to present me with another opportunity which might allow me to maintain my daily devotions. I asked St. Therese if she could help. She, who once said she did not count getting up from her sick bed every morning to go to chapel too much to win just one Holy Communion, would understand.

Wouldn't you know?

The phone rings this afternoon, and it's a woman I used to work for when she was a director. Would I like to come work for her? In her CATHOLIC hospital, which offers two Masses a day?

I nearly deafened her on the phone with my yelp of joy!

I also remembered something else that might have helped my cause. When I was dropping my friend off the other day from our trip to Fox Chase Cancer Center, she wanted to know what she could for me in return.

"Say a Rosary for me."

"For what intention?"

"Ask God to help me find a job I would like."

Just like that.

OK, I didn't formally interview or anything yet, but it's in the works and the decision ultimately belongs to the woman who called me this afternoon, so I have faith that what should happen, will happen.

Thank you, sweet Jesus, for looking upon your servant with such love that the little I do for You isn't even a drop in the bucket.


  1. Oh, How wonderful!!! I KNEW that trip to Fox Chase would reap benefits!! What an awesome thing!!! I am overjoyed for you. Our God is so faithful!

  2. And the other thing I was obsessing about was Good Friday - except for when I did patient care in the unit and on the floor, I never worked on Good Friday. I would have to do that at the job I was just offered. At a Catholic hospital, it's not a problem, at least not in the OR for elective cases. Praise be to God the Father, to His Son Jesus Christ Our Lord, and to the Holy Spirit, forever and ever!


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