Friday, December 30, 2011

Another Gem From Vultus Christi

I haven't figured out how to log in to Father Mark's blog so I haven't been able to ask him if this series has been written by him or if it's from a book I have not been able to find. ( I am obviously not the brightest bulb on the tree).  Whatever the case may be,  his latest entry under Journal of a Priest stopped me dead in my tracks.  How often do I go to Adoration and simply adore?  Seems like I always have to have an arsenal of prayers ready.  After reading Holiness Through Adoration, I could not wait to return to the Adoration chapel.  Read it there.  And then take it to heart.


  1. Joyce, are you trying to locate "Journal of a Priest?" Let me know if you find it! Talk about a Treasure of meditations!

    This most recent one on adoration is beyond exquisite.

    I did manage to crack the code of logging in. Use your google account...whatever name you are under and the password you created for your google profile. Once you "sign in" with that, you are then admitted to the comment box.

    Good luck! And...a very happy and blessed New Year to you and yours!

    Love and best wishes,

  2. thanks for stopping by and for the log-in advice Patricia! I love Vultus Christi and the post on adoration was, as you say, beyond exquisite. Have a blessed and peace-filled ( and headache-free!) New Year. I give thanks to God for your holy presence on my blog and in my life.

  3. Patricia, I see where a commenter did ask Father Mark about these entries and he has not yet answered. I will check back to see if he does. I have so loved this entire series and it seems as if each entry is more beautiful than the last. Those on the priesthood have been especially moving.
    Love and prayers


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