Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas TLM Beauty From Rome

Well, more than that, much more than that.  How I wish we'd seen this church while in Rome.  From the blog New Liturgical Movement.  I don't know who to credit the photos to but the post was by Shawn Tribe of the NLM.

From the Church of the Holy Trinity, Rome
Domine non sum dignus

The Altar before Mass 


  1. Incredible stuff. NLM is always a gold mine when it comes to liturgical eye candy.

  2. Beautiful.
    Wonder how long it takes to light all those candles?

  3. Eye candy?


  4. Folks I have changed the headline of this post to language more suited to the sacred liturgy after receiving a kind correction from a person with good intentions. Mea culpa.

  5. my guess for those photos would be gregory dipippo (rome writer for NLM) or he would know who took them. you can grab his email from the sidebar on the NLM site. that is my parish when i am in rome & it is every bit as wonderful a blessing as you might gather from those photos. if you are ever going back to rome, please feel free to email me & i will happily give you any help you need in getting to this magnificent FSSP parish. a blessed new year to you!

  6. Thank you qualcosa di bello
    I believe this was also the church where photos were taken from a requiem Mass on All Souls. It will probably be a very long time before I ever get to Rome again, but I hope that I do because there were so many churches I didn't get to visit, like this one. I appreciate your generous offer and should I be so blessed again, I will take you up on it.
    A blessed new year to you too!


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