Saturday, December 3, 2011

Received Into Heaven With Joy

Today, at the conclusion of the Silent Retreat, we were reminded to pray for my priest friend that I went to visit a few weeks ago.  Father had round the clock hospice care and had discussed his wishes for his funeral with his family this week and it was believed by those around him that he would very soon be received into Heaven.  My friend reminded everyone how Father started Eucharistic Adoration at St. Rita's, where he had been stationed twice in his long ministry, and also, of his devotion to the Divine Mercy.

Shortly after praying the chaplet with his family, our beloved Father Jim passed away this afternoon, on the first Saturday of the month, on the feast of St. Francis Xavier, surrounded by many priests and family members.  What a privilege for a wretch like me to have known this very holy man, the only real spiritual director I ever had.

Please remember Father in your prayers, praying not only for his soul, but to him with your intentions.  With the exception of Father Benedict Groeschel, I have never been in the presence of priest so holy, yet so humble and so sweet and generous.

I will write more about Father Jim a bit later.  I cried when I received the news, not with sadness, but with the kind of joy that only comes from God, Who saw fit to call His son home on the First Saturday of the month, a day dedicated to Mary, Mother of priests.


  1. I'll be praying for Father Jim's soul. There's great comfort to be had in the fact that he died after saying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Our Lord promised great things for those such as him when he spoke to St. Faustina.

    "Say unceasingly this chaplet that I have taught you. Anyone who says it will receive great Mercy at the hour of death."

    If Father Jim isn't already in heaven, he'll be there very soon.

  2. Daniel
    I don't know if I ever told you about Father Jim, but he had a great devotion to the Divine Mercy and to St. Faustina. In fact, he credits her for saving his life when his car spun off an icy road toward a steep embankment. As he struggled to regain control of the car, he called to her to help him, and the car righted itself. He was an extraordinarily holy man and an exceptional priest, which I pray you will be one day.
    Thank you for your prayers

  3. This is a beautiful tribute to Father Jim. Holy men of the cloth can affect our faith in such positive ways, and I can tell from reading your post that this holy man of God did that. He will be blessed by God for that, and for all the ways he served Him. I will pray for his soul.

  4. Holding you and Father in my prayers, Joyce. +

  5. May he rest in peace and with our Lord.


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