Monday, May 9, 2011

A Glimpse of Spring in my Garden

Our garden used to be much bigger, but it was too difficult for me to keep up with, especially after I hurt my back, so it's not quite what it used to be when we first moved in.  May is probably my favorite month for this garden.  Eden, the rose bush, will explode in full bloom by Memorial Day.  The lilac bush and the lilies of the valley both erupt at the same time so that if the back door is just slightly ajar, the house fills with their paradisaical  scent.  The lilac bush is still sporting the lights I hung on it for Christmas. It might be pretty to light them now at night.  The little bird house was a gift I picked up in Kutztown last year.  We don't have a place high enough to hang it so that the birds can actually make use of it, but it doesn't matter.  It's so pretty, I just like to look at it anyway.

Hard to keep Gigi, my little chihuahua pug mix, from eating these

A neighbor planted this dwarf lilac in our yard a year before we moved in.
The first Eden bud, starting to bloom.  The bush is a climber but it tore down the trellis, so we just prune it often
A birdless bird house


  1. I love your garden, especially the bird house! Lilacs are so pretty smelling too. I've never had lilies of the valley before. Do they need shade or sun?

  2. Thanks Kathy!
    Lilies of the valley seem to do well in full sun, although my mom has grown some in part shade. In fact, my lilies are transplants from her house. They have a wonderful aroma, too, and what I like is that they multiply quickly and help squeeze out the weeds. Give them a try!

  3. I love gardening too. I wish I had more time for it. It used to really relax me. I got my mother a dwarf lilac a few years ago. It's been great. Seems like it's blossoming late this year. It's a mid May and still bursting with flowers. Your garden sounds very nice Joyce.

  4. I am trying to keep our potted lilac alive until I get a place for it. It is a root of my grandmother's that we dug up before we sold the house. Fortunately the new owners kept the bushes, in fact trimmed them to give them a better shape. They are over 100 yrs old!


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