Monday, May 2, 2011

Traditional Latin Mass at St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi on Sunday May 29th

On Sunday May 29th, the TLM normally celebrated at St. Paul's at Noon will instead by celebrated at St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, the other church in the parish of St. Paul.  May 29 is the feast day of this great Carmelite saint.  If you've never been to the TLM before, consider coming that Sunday.  The church is less than four blocks away from St. Paul's and looks like it was transplanted from an Italian village to the side streets of South Philadelphia.  It was the first Italian national parish in the country and is now a worship site within the parish of St. Paul's.


  1. You made it very tempting for me with it being "the first Italian national parish in the country." Unfortunately Philadelphia is just a little far. ;)

  2. Great tip!

    I have been itching to worship
    inside this is not
    open for prayer so I am also
    happy to see the picture you

  3. I looked up Latin mass in St Louis and was surprised to find more than 1. All are 40-50 miles away. We're thinking about going at least once. There is a pretty one in the city, St Francis de Sales Oratory. There are a couple more a little closer than the city but still 40+ miles. If we're going to experience it, we may as well go to the more cathedral like place first. Their link is here- very beautiful but a declining area.

    I have to figure out what to wear and what to do.


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