Saturday, May 7, 2011

Prayer Requests for Priests

Would you please remember a priest friend in your prayers?  He is under the weather right now and while he is  on the mend, he is not exactly feeling 100%, yet still carrying out his duties. Please also say a prayer of thanksgiving to God that it's not worse, because it could be.

Would you also remember to pray for a priest who seems intent on committing heresy?  Today in his sermon he advocated for married men and for women to be permitted to be ordained.  He urged those who would be offended to "get out your pencils so you can write your letters to the bishop."  His consecration of the Host was so brief, I had barely finished saying "My Lord and my God" than he was raising the chalice. I had considered walking out during his homily, but I followed the lead of the two fully-habited orthodox nuns who were in the pew with me.  Lord have mercy.


  1. I am going to the TLM tomorrow
    so I hope that is not one of the
    Novus Ordo's there?


    I am considering your parish as a
    place where I will officially
    register and give my time and energy
    but I need to sit down with Fr.Carey
    and ask him difficult questions.

    Do you think it is a fading parish, or
    does it have the kind of vibrant life
    which OSJ has?

  2. Hi Pete
    No, the heretical priest is most definitely NOT at St. Paul's.

    In terms of "vibrancy", we do not have the kinds of programs that OSJ does, such as feeding the homeless or Ignatian prayer, etc. What we do have is a holy, orthodox priest who exudes reverence for Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. And we do have a growing number of people committed to the TLM who live outside the parish, some of whom have become members. Best to take a long, slow look and judge for yourself.

  3. Today's Mass was good but it did not
    convince me.

    I was sitting up towards the front,
    in the right hand, "middle aisle"..
    silver glasses...and fumbling with
    the Mass booklet.

    It's a challenge to learn this Mass
    but I am getting better at it.

  4. Pete, if I may offer some advice...
    Your first few times, put the booklet down and just take everything in. Father always reads the Epistle and the Gospel in the vernacular after he has chanted them in Latin, so just listen and don't worry about following. So far as learning the Mass so that you can follow, you can ask to take one of the booklets home so you can look through it during the week. It helps to try to familiarize yourself little by little. The book that I mentioned in a previous post that is intended for children was one that I myself found extremely useful. Know Your Mass from Angelus Press.

    As I said, take your time. You've already taken the most important step. The rest will fall into place.



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