Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Way, the Truth, and the Life

Today, for a few hours,  I'll be with a lot of people who have not made Christ the center of their lives. I shouldn't talk.  There are many times when I neglect to make Him the center of mine.  I was frazzled getting to Mass on time because I forgot to set my alarm and woke up late, and it was a full five minutes before I appropriately greeted the Lord. This despite the fact that I knelt down, as I almost always do, as soon as I entered the pew.  Sometimes, I have a habit of talking to Jesus as though He is galaxies away when, in fact, He's right there in the tabernacle.

Although I will miss the TLM today, I am grateful I was able to get to any Mass at all.  The celebrant of the Mass I attended happens to be an Augustinian who shares his birthday with St. Rita's feast day.  He always says:

"If you want to know God, get to know His friends".

St. Rita married Paolo Mancini out of obedience to her parents.  She accepted the difficulties of her marriage out of obedience to the vows she took before God in marriage.  She exemplified Christ crucified by her forgiveness of the enemies who murdered her husband.  She pleaded with God to take her sons' lives before they could offend Him by avenging her husband's murder.  She did not give up when at first she was refused entrance into the convent.  She  embraced  the stigmata that made her repulsive to others, including the sisters in her community, out of the love she bore for the Passion of Christ.

Today, she extends that same love to us.  My prayer to St. Rita today is that she will ask God to light a spark in the hearts of all those people in each of our lives who do not recognize Christ and have rejected His Love outright in the pursuit of worldly pleasures.

Nothing is impossible with God, and no one knows that as well as St. Rita.  Daughter. Wife. Mother. Widow. Peacemaker. Nun.  Saint of impossible causes.

Incorrupt body of St. Rita as it appears today

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