Friday, April 25, 2014

Blatant In-Your-Face Hatred of Divine Love

While I have no problem rising early for Mass, doing so for work is another story. Sometimes I drive in my own little world, a bit oblivious to my surroundings. It's possible I was behind the black car adorned with satanic messages for awhile before I realized it. Once I started paying attention I wanted to be sick on the side of the road. 

I won't repeat any of the vile things I read but at first the rear brake light distracted me from the most offensive emblem on the bumper. The depraved owner of this car hates Jesus Christ so much that their rear-window brake light didn't merely light up, it bore a digital satanic message. 

It reminded me of a time about ten years ago when a pervert first tried to run me off the road and then flashed a handwritten obscenity-laden sign.  The cold hard stare of evil shook me to my core. 

And then I saw it - an upside-down cross mocking the Crucifix. 

I veered around the car and pulled in front of it. Then, at the next light, I clutched the Crucifix hanging from my rear-view mirror and held it up where the driver couldn't miss it. I would have kissed it but couldn't with my seatbelt on.  Then I made the sign of the cross 3 times and prayed Hail Mary's until I saw that the car finally turned off the road. I was shaking. 

I prayed in reparation and for the conversion of the driver when I got to Mass after work.  I was thinking about it again when I went to bed. 

"How dear Lord?  How do such things happen to people? What could make someone hate You so much?"

One word: Pride. 

It was the devil's pride that made him think he could or should be equal to God. 

Pride then festers and self-adoration evolves into hatred for anyone else. 

Maybe the person in question was disappointed by God.  Maybe some tragic event happened for which they blame God. Or maybe, they just love themselves and the world so much they can't accept that there is a Creator and they are His creature subject to Him.  Maybe they're just seeking attention but I don't think that was the case. 

If you are up to it, please join me in making some act of reparation to Jesus and pray for the release of this person's soul from the filth and corruption to which they have enslaved it. 

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