Monday, April 7, 2014

" I Cannot Bear It"

I think a fair number of devout Catholic women, at some point in their lives, think about what life would be like as a religious sister. I remember the terror I felt when  I read a bit about Saint Maria Magdalene de Pazzi and her visions of Purgatory.  She saw a nun who was sent there until the end of time because she grumbled so much when she was assigned to Adoration. Make no mistake about it: priests and nuns are held to a different standard than we are.  

The following is one of the more unforgettable excerpts I read in St Faustina's diary, and this passage refers to what happens when Our Lord comes to the heart of a religious that is not true. 

"Write for the benefit of religious souls that it delights Me to come to their hearts in Holy Communion. But if there is anyone else in such a heart, I cannot bear it and quickly leave that heart, taking with me all the gifts and graces I have prepared for the soul. And the soul does not even notice My going. After some time, inner emptiness and dissatisfaction will come to her attention. Oh, if only she would turn to me then, I would help to cleanse her heart, and I would 
fulfill everything in her soul; but without her knowledge and consent, I cannot be the Master of her heart." - St Faustina's Diary(1683).


I always think of traditional nuns as the balm for the wounds in His Sacred Heart.  Our dear Lord cannot even depend on all 
those espoused to Him to offer Him respite from the indifference of the world. 

Pray for priests, but pray for nuns, too. As one Carmelite prioress said, no proposal could be more flattering than the call from Jesus to be consecrated to Him alone.  Pray for nuns and sisters alike to keep no one or no thing in their hearts but their Divine Spouse. 

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