Tuesday, April 15, 2014

His Love Does Not Stop With Our Brokenness

The more we seek His mercy, the closer He will draw us to Him.  Maybe you are reading this blog and haven't been to confession in a long time. Please go. There is no secret that can be hidden from Jesus Christ and no sin He cannot forgive. How happy you will make The Lord by kneeling down before the alter Christus and acknowledging your sins. 

Did you fall off the wagon this Lent?  Maybe set out to make some sacrifices and then never followed through?  Remember how the vineyard laborers were repaid?  You still have a few days left to make things right with Jesus. 

As He told St Faustina, soon our exile will be over, and with it our opportunity to earn merit for Heaven. Think of His Passion and resolve to thank Him by doing those thing most pleasing to Him:

-go to confession
-receive Him worthily in Holy Communion
- seek Him and serve Him in the least of our brethren
- make even the smallest sacrifice and offer it to Him as solace in commemoration of that time when He sought comfort and found none to give it to Him. 

Judas did not seek God's mercy. St Peter had some problems of his own on Holy Thursday but his brokenness did not stop Jesus from loving and forgiving him. 

I heard a sermon today reminding us that the apostles were brave men up until the events of the Lord's Passion. They gave up wives, children and livelihoods to follow Him, not such an easy feat. Surely society at the time had a thing or two to say about their actions.  Clearly, they risked all to become His disciples.  They were rewarded beyond human comprehension. 

What are we prepared to put at stake for Him?

God bless you. 

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