Friday, April 4, 2014

"Where There Is Pride, I Am Not There"

I can think of so many ways I commit sins of pride on a daily basis. Yesterday it occurred to me that between the time I left the confessional and returned to my pew, I gave in to pride. It is insidious, just like the enemy himself.

I even gave in to pride IN the confessional when the priest told me I made a beautiful confession and I said thank you.

"Don't thank me, thank the Holy Spirit. It is only by his grace that you were able to make this confession.  Don't take credit that doesn't belong up you."

"Only the humble soul is able to receive My grace." - St Faustina's Diary (1220)

I know when I become stagnant in my spiritual life the first thing I need to take account of is how much pride has infested my soul.  Nothing roots out pride like prayerful mortification. And if we are fortunate enough to be provided with the opportunity to be humiliated, we have to offer it up and forget it immediately. Dwelling on embarrassments is just another manifestation of pride.  When something happens that calls unwanted attention to ourselves, we should consider whether or not it is an act of pride to have to keep apologizing or explaining. Let go of it as soon as possible.

Nothing we accomplish that is any good occurs because of anything we do but rather what God accomplishes through us. Accolades that are dwelt upon are poisonous to our sense of humility. We accept them out of charity and then they, like past injuries borne, must be forgotten lest they, too fester and rob our souls of needed graces.

"Where there is pride, I am not there."

Humility is the nectar that draws Him near.

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