Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How Carefully Do We Pray?

I will return to my meditations on Divine Mercy very soon. For now, here is something I read on the FSSP's Facebook page. It really hit home with me in my struggle to pray with reverence, focus and proper devotion. 

If we spend time in prayer in a poor and careless manner, we are robbing time of God- St Francis DeSales 

This has surely been me on too many occasions. The Lord is helping me but He does not want me to forget how poorly I manage without His constant help.  I picture myself as a child on a bike from which the training wheels have been prematurely removed.  If the adult guiding the bike lets go, I crash in seconds. 

When I write about prayer and I am critical, it is not intended as pointing at anyone other than me.  What I share is most certainly a current or past struggle that I discuss  in the hope it might be helpful to someone else. 

I mention the Rosary, Adoration and Mass so often not to boast but to invite more of you to take advantage of these spiritual treasures.  I squandered many years away from The Lord, dining on the empty pods the swine rejected, that I can never demonstrate the love and devotion adequate to repay His kindness and mercy toward me. 

I also know the surpassing value of these devotions and so I want everyone to avail themselves of them.  

An 8.0 magnitude earthquake just struck Chile. There are still many people missing in the recent mudslides that struck in Washington state.  This has been one of the harshest winters in recent memory. I believe if these are not signs that The End is closer than we think, they are, at the very least, a wake-up call. A price must be paid for a world that aborts its most vulnerable, engages in unjust war and wanton destruction of life and embraces abomination as the New Normal. 

The sacraments and prayer are our lifeboats.  Use them for all they're worth. 

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