Sunday, April 27, 2014

What If They Were All Going to Confession?

So I was trying to turn at an intersection clogged with people and I thought: wouldn't it be something if all these folks were headed to Divine Mercy services?   Maybe they're all headed to confession so they can reap the benefits of Our Lord's generosity.  Wouldn't that be something?  But alas they were not.  They were headed to the latest fad in come-as-you-are everyone-is-welcome jack-in-a-box churches that have sprung up.  There is no sin, no abomination and no real beliefs.  I'm not sure what their purpose is but they do draw a lot of people.

My mother asked me to take her to a parish near her home that was holding Divine Mercy Sunday observances so this meant no TLM and no after-church social gathering today. The service consisted of the Chaplet, Vespers and Benediction in a gorgeous adoration chapel that actually has a sky light, a first. The little chapel was very crowded but what saddened me is that I am 53 years old and nearly the youngest person there.   Don't younger people need mercy too?

It was a different but welcome way of paying homage to Divine Mercy. Last year I went to services where lay people did the preaching, instead of just allowing for silent prayer after Exposition.  They meant well but ...

We prayed the Litany of Reparation to the Sacred Heart, a prayer I think all of us need to pray at least once a week if not more often than that. Here is Jesus, scarcely a week after we commemorated His Passion, holding out His Mercy for all to take but so few could even be bothered.  The lukewarm souls strike again.

I shouldn't be surprised when I can't even get my own family motivated.

We prayed for all the souls who will die today, unprepared for death. Jesus has done everything possible and still His advances are ignored or worse, outright refused.

Pray and do penance.  Because there are so few to do this for Him that it is left to the few friends He has.  There but for the grace of God go I.  And I thank Him every day for that grace which the devil has tried so hard to pry away from me. 

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