Saturday, April 12, 2014

Minding My Own Plank

This morning I was on the verge of committing a sin of which I have been guilty numerous times before. I had the urge to watch how a particular person was going to receive Holy Communion when that voice chastised me for engaging in such wickedness while waiting to receive The Lord. 

"What do you think is more displeasing to Me: the way I am received physically or the way I am received in a soul? How can you pay proper attention to Me if you are watching others?"

I know there are many Catholics who use their blogs to complain and/ or point out the faults of others, including priests. I have more than dabbled in this practice myself before concluding there isn't much point in it if by posting nothing will change. Why do I feel the need to affirm over and over that which I know is wrong?  What is the point?  Eventually, such exercises are going to lead my soul into trouble. 

I have done some heavy lifting this Lent and although it is not yet Easter, I already see the fruits of my labors. I do not fret as to whether or not I will be able to keep up these practices because if it's God's will that I do, He will supply the grace necessary to sustain me. But I feel the greatest thing He has accomplished thus far in me is the ability to see how sinful I really am and what it is I must do to make my soul a place of refuge for Him. 

Some years ago I went to confession on Good Friday to a priest who later became a good friend.

"I believe The Lord has called you to a different kind of life. Now go live it."

I believe this too, but I also think I squandered this calling innumerable times.  The beautiful thing is that there is no "this is the last time I'm going to trust you" with Jesus. He doesn't treat me how I treat others. He loves for me to beg forgiveness but He would prefer I think more carefully next time and avoid my constant sins of pride, judgment and other Pharisaical acts that offend Him greatly. 

"Would you be as the mediocre souls?"

My God, let it not be so. 

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