Monday, September 14, 2009

Because, by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world

Of all the scenes in "The Passion of the Christ", the one that left the biggest impression on me is when Jim Cavaziel as Jesus embraces the cross and kisses it. He is laughed at and scorned by his persecutors who do not understand that it was for this purpose that He came into the world. 2009 years later and humanity still doesn't get it. But even while suffering unimaginable torment, Our Lord was always thinking of us.

When the cross was too heavy for Him to carry alone, he allowed the Cyrenian to help him. He fell three times along the way to let us know that our efforts to carry our cross would not be without setbacks. A dear friend of mine confided that she keeps the 9th Station of the Cross in her bedroom as a constant reminder that life will be full of falls. Our Lord extends His hand to help us up. Do we accept His help, or do we slap it away? The choice is ours.

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