Monday, September 7, 2009


So taking my brisk after-dinner walk this evening, I noticed these very stark black and white signs posted all over Passyunk Avenue bearing very provocative headlines such as "Christianity is a strait jacket" "How can a loving God make His people suffer?" and "How can there only be one true religion?" I had to get a closer look to see what atheist was behind this when I saw that these are actually the titles of a series of talks called "Doubt" that are being sponsored by First Tabernacle at Broad and South. I actually have no idea what denomination First Tabernacle is except the folks who attend refer to themselves as Hebrew Israelites and they appear to be mainly of African -American descent. They are led by someone who is called rabbi and they hold servies Friday evening and Saturday morning. Anyway, maybe I'll find someone who plans to go to these talks who can tell me more about them.

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