Saturday, September 19, 2009

Children of Mary

Through Our Lord's selfless generosity, we have His holy mother to guide us and aid us in time of troubles. One of my favorite images from Father John Corapi is that of the Blessed Mother plucking him out of the gutter when he was at his lowest and pointing him in the direction of the priesthood. She would do the same for any of us. What mother would stand by and watch her child destroy himself without intervening? For a long time, I had difficulty praying to the Blessed Mother because in ignorance I thought my own sinfulness would defile her in some way. It was very wrong to believe this because just the opposite is true. She takes our sins and our faults and shapes them in her hands to make an offering to her Divine Son on our behalf. As Father Corapi likes to say, if you're really smart, when you offer something up to God, you'll offer it through His mother.

Last year, when I was blessed to hear Father Benedict Groeschel speak in person, he told a little joke about a priest who, upon reaching heaven, saw a multitude of sinners whose presence there suprised him. He asked St. Peter "how did THEY get here"? and St. Peter pointed in the direction of Mary and said "His Mother". So long as what we ask for is compatible with God's will, we will not be denied when we petition Mary through prayer and sacrifice. No matter how dark or vile the places we inhabit, Mary hears us and intervenes for us.

A most beautiful image comes from St. Therese of Lisieux when she was in her final illness. "I have often prayed to the Blessed Mother to ask her to take my head in her hands that I might bear it". She was not denied and we won't be either.

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