Friday, September 25, 2009

St. Therese and the Eucharist

Just a short reflection/observation today. So many of us take the Eucharist for granted. Personally speaking, I have often struggled with distracting thoughts just as I should be focused on the consecration. I hate to admit it, but there are times when I feel I take the Mass for granted. It's a constant battle and a work in progress. What would it be like if I couldn't get to Mass every day, or even on Sunday? What if I became too infirmed to leave the house? At those times, I think of St. Therese in the throes of tuberculosis, making every effort to attend morning Mass with her community. Though she had to overcome shortness of breath just to make it to the chapel, she said, "I do not count it too much to win one Holy Communion".

St. Therese once said, "Every day, Jesus transforms a white particle into Himself. And with a love that's greater still, He wants to transform you into Himself." Will we respond to this love as St. Therese did, making a heroic effort to get to Mass, or will we roll over in bed and say, "I'll go next week"? If we knew that a good friend was waiting for us, would we go back to sleep and leave them waiting all by themselves, or would we make every effor to meet them at the appointed time? And why would we do any less for Jesus?

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