Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Step Backward?

As much as I really dislike criticizing priests, Father Richard McBrien's op-ed on Eucharistic Adoration begs my attention. His disturbing piece appears in National Catholic Reporter. He feels it is a step backward for the faithful to sit in the Real Presence and pay prayerful homage. A step backward from what, exactly? He says it's a step backward doctrinally, spiritually and sacramentally. I don't know if Father McBrien realizes this but we backwards folk who like to spend time in the company of Our Lord in the Eucharist tend to be more sacramentally active that those who think they're doing God a favor by showing up for Mass only on Sunday, if at all. We tend to make more frequent use of the sacrament of confession (perhaps he'll want to do away with that next) and we tend to be daily Communicants who are not satisfied with receiving the Eucharist just once a week. A favorite book that I discovered at St. Rita's is "Come to Me in the Blessed Sacrament" and I came to love the book even more upon discovering Mother Teresa never went anywhere without it. A recurring theme in the book is that part of the agony Christ suffered in the Garden was the knowledge that He be would neglected in the Eucharist. Take a look around you at the locked churches that see use once a day, if that. Christ promised to be with us until the end of time, and indeed He is. Is this Father McBrien's idea of repaying the favor?

Let us pray for Father McBrien and those who mistakenly think as he does. And in our own worship, let us become what we behold.

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