Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Little Levity

I'm a little under the weather tonight and can't offer any food for thought, and besides, despite my need for some quiet so I can write, people still keep talking to me. So, I will share some amusing stories about St. Teresa of Avila, which I gleaned from one of my favorite books, Progress of a Soul.

Probably one of the most frequently told stories has to do with our saint traveling to a remote site to start another foundation. The weather was miserable, and the wagon in which she was riding began to get mired in mud. At one point, mud and water started seeping through the floor of the wagon, prompting her to ask "Your Majesty, why do you keep doing things like this to me?" to which the interior reply came "This is how I treat my friends". Without missing a beat, Teresa replied "Well Your Majesty, it's no wonder you have so few of them".

Another time, Teresa was traveling with her brother to a town where she was to meet some very wealthy benefactors whom she hoped would help her found another monastery. They were at an inn, seated at table when a large lizard crawled down Teresa's arm, inside her habit and directly against her skin and, as she put it, "thank God, no where else". Her brother, wishing to assist her, flung the lizard which then smacked one of the benefactors directly across the face. Needless to say, she was mortified.

Anyway, a little humor tonight from one of our Doctors of the Church.

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