Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mary's Weapon

As Saturday is the day traditionally dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mother, a few thoughts occurred to me while meditating on the Gospel that was read at Mass this morning, which was Luke's account of The Annunciation. A few months ago, a poster on another blog commented that the Blessed Mother "was no shrinking violet." You may have heard Father John Corapi comment that "your mama wears combat boots". So many images portray her as being somewhat frail, but to do what she did, she had to be anything but.
First, there was her unconditional fiat to become the mother of the Redeemer. The culture of the time was such that an unmarried woman could be stoned to death for the disgrace of adultery. Mary's faith in God was perfect, so much so that she could accept without understanding how, remaining a virgin, she could bear His Son But were others likely to believe this? There was the wedding feast of Cana. To our knowledge, she had not seen her Divine Son perform any miracles and yet she prevailed upon Him to help friends in time of need, advising the servants to "do whatever He tells you". Most amazingly, she witnessed one of the most violent and heinous crimes ever in history committed against her Son, and she never left His side. How many of us can stand the sight of blood when it's oozing from one of our children, and yet this woman stood witness to the Passion of her Son from start to finish. When everyone but a handful of disciples had abandoned Him, she stayed. She didn't curse His executors or rail at them with her fists. She certainly didn't tell Him to get even. What an example she set for all of us who are often quick to want revenge. To the end, she fulfilled God's will perfectly.
The chief exorcist for the Vatican, Father Gabriel Amorith, once said the devil told him that every Hail Mary is like a hammer blow to his head. Our Heavenly Mother, who is perfect grace, has given us a weapon to use in the evil we combat every day. Is it too much to ask to set aside 20 minutes a day to pray the Rosary? At Fatima the Virgin beckoned the children to pray the Rosary and make many sacrifices for the redemption of the world. Every day, her Son continues to be mocked, blasphemed, ignored and neglected and yet she does not hold this against us. Rather, she wants to take us under her mantle of spiritual protection and spare us the pains of Hell. She invites us to participate in devotions to her so that she can keep us close to the Holy Child she carried and gave up for the salvation of the world.
Dust off your Rosary, and make an effort to pray it every day. It will help you infinitely more than anything the world has to offer.
Pray for us o Holy Mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

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