Saturday, July 9, 2011

THE Best Dissertation Yet on the Fall of Fr. John Corapi

Diane at Te Deum laudumus! has what I consider THE best dissection of the Father John Corapi saga.  It's a bit lengthy but well worth reading.  Particularly distressing to me is the pictorial history she presents.

I have been familiar with Diane's blog for several years now as well as her frequent comments on Father Z's blog. She doesn't have an ax to grind with any of the players in this saga which is why I find her commentary so compelling and convincing.


  1. That was excellent. Thanks Joyce for pointing it out for us. This is the comment I left at her blog:

    This is outstanding work Ms. Korzeniewski. I'm not one of those who was ever a committed Corapi devotee, but I did appreciate his sermons on EWTN, which I caught on occaision. Though he was a bit bombastic, I liked him. And I was one who at the beginning of this ordeal gave Corapi the benefit of the doubt, but as the details trickled out and as Corapi's responses got less credible, I pretty much realized the allegations are roughly true. And the black sheepdog thing really sealed it up. That is extremely strange. I became somewhat bitter toward him. He was and probably still is manipulating us. Yesterday when I saw his video with the black leather jacket, I started getting feelings of pity for him. Of course I still think he's guilty, but one could see he's hurting. The video sequence you provided says it all. Something has changed within him these past two years. His statement in this last video about not balming the church and still loving the church really pulls at my heart strings. The only thing I can't decide is whether he's sincere or this is another act of manipulation. I will accept it as sincere and will pray for him.

  2. It's a big mess Manny, but I hope our prayers will see him through. Good comment.

  3. i think that the entire mess has been blown out of proportion and that God is the only one who can solve it.

    my prayers are with him

    God Bless


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