Wednesday, July 6, 2011

For the Love of Money...

...we get this?

Priests who do not want to live like priests.

What are we prepared to do about it?


  1. priests just need to accept that they are servants and are called to serve the faithful in the ways necessary for the manifestation of their souls for God.
    priests not living and acting like they should makes me very angry and it makes praying for them even harder.

    God Bless our priests

  2. Joyce I have to believe that Corapi is an anomaly, not the norm. I can't imagine this goes much beyond him. Let's pray that the church over comes this fake. He has really hurt the church.

  3. Just terrible. I'm kind of glad that I put an end to writing about him on my blog. Continuing to do so would have been depressing.

  4. I have been out of town, and this is the first I have heard of the revelations from SOLT. I am simply stunned and so very sad.

    I remember when Father Corapi was so in love with God, and especially with Eucharistic Adoration. And he never missed a chance to praise our Blessed Mother. What happened?

    I'm sure the devil was at his heels big time, since with the avalanche of Grace he received, he was reaching and converting thousands of souls.

    I hope everyone will pray for him, especially to Our Lady. The apparent state of peril his soul is in terrifies me. Oh how sad this is! May God have mercy on him, and on us. He was once a holy priest. We could be next.

    Jesus, shelter us in Your Sacred and Eucharistic Heart!

  5. Hi Patricia, welcome back.

    I have no intention of not praying for Father Corapi including offering penance of one variety or another. I especially pray to the Mother of God, who he credited with lifting him out of the gutter and presenting him to her Divine Son as a candidate for the priesthood. I have to say that now, I really do wonder if he was on fire with love for the Lord or if he figured out it was another way he could get rich. I just don't know. I was not catechized by Father Corapi, but I did enjoy watching him and I learned a lot from him. In fact, the description of myself in my profile was borrowed from something he often said about himself before his conversion. I realize he meant a great deal more to others who were not well catechized and that these revelations are tough for them to swallow, but it's very telling that in all of his statements, there is no mention of Jesus, Mary or the Eucharist - only himself. It makes me wonder how much, if any part of his "story", which was so compelling, was true. Very tragic.


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