Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Could it Get Any Worse?

Than this?

Thankfully, my faith is in the Lord, not in men.  Still,  this simply boggles the mind.  I will continue to pray for Corapi but most especially I will pray that God will lend His help to priests who haven't fallen but are struggling.  Our prayers are the lifelines that may keep them from drowning.


  1. we absolutely must keep praying for our priests because they are our greatest helps as Catholics to reach Heaven.

    God Bless

  2. God help us. If we didn't have the Lord to cry out to what would we do? I join you in prayer for our priests.

  3. Listen, I will be the first to admit how much Father Corapi helped me in my spiritual life. It's not what he's done to me or countless others, it's what he's doing to himself and to the Lord that hurts me most. I will not stop praying for him, but I'm not going to entertain any more excuses for him concerning this debacle.

    A priest acquaintance of mine is a little upset with me because of something I wrote on this blog when the news about Corapi first broke. He felt one of my cautions was directed at him and, he might add, none of my business. Maybe it was and maybe it wasn't. Get over it. You know what? Maybe if enough of us had spoken up when things about Corapi's personal life made us uncomfortable, he wouldn't be in this position right now.

  4. It's very painful to think of what he's doing to himself Joyce, and I agree that this code of silence that keeps giant elephants in the living room ....needs to go. With love of course. : )
    What a hard day this was.

  5. Corapi (and I refuse to call him Father at this point) should fade away now. He is hurting the Church, priests, and Catholics in general. What SOLT alleged today is UNREAL. If true, and I have no reason to think them untrue, he should seek repentance and do the decent thing and leave the lime light. He can never again have the moral authority to preach. This is all so sad. I admired him. He let me down, not just let me down, but in a way that makes me think he was a fraud from the beginning. From what SOLT claimed, this wasn't just a slip up, but something that was going on for quite a while. This is no longer a case of being charitable to him. It's now at a point where given all the priest scandles this ties in with them and further brings down the Church.


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