Thursday, July 7, 2011

Who Is My Co-Pilot?

A few Sundays ago, we were leaving for dinner at my mom's when I noticed a quite elaborate spider web spun from my side view mirror to the door handle.  The creator of this web was not visible, and I was somewhat saddened to see some little critter's handiwork blown to bits when we got on the highway.

I came out the next morning to leave for Mass, and there was another web.  This time, the spider was resting in it.  I thought the jar of closing the door would awaken it, but it seemed content to stay where it was.  Then I thought perhaps it was dead, but alas, as soon as the car took off, the spider scurried up the web and into the well of my left side-view mirror.

It has been about three weeks since that Sunday and every morning, I come out to the same thing  - an elaborate web in which are trapped all kinds of creatures only a spider could find tasty.  I even find myself slowing down to allow my new friend an opportunity to creep into the safety of the mirror well.

Someone told me I should kill the spider, in case it's of the dreaded brown recluse variety. For all I know, that "breed" of spider does not even exist.  Nope, not going to do it.  Any spider that could survive a daily round-trip commute on I-95 with me behind the wheel deserves every chance to live.


  1. yes he does.. i also enjoy watching the spiders around where we live... they are quite fascinating little creatures are they not? Anyway, it was a refreshing and pleasant post. God Bless you and your little spider friend

  2. Thanks Issac, your always-kind comments are much appreciated :) (BTW, I find ants even more fascinating!)

  3. How nice of you. I'd leave it alone too, unless it was inside the car.

  4. I almost never kill spiders. They kill insects you don't want around the house.

  5. I think that those who love the Lord hold a fascination for even His smallest creatures...What a sweet tribute to the handiworks of His Majesty, lol.


  6. I accidently deleted your comment to my blog. Sorry. St. Patrick's is in Wilmington DE.


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