Sunday, July 17, 2011

Prayers for my Conversion, The Beatles and Other Random Thoughts

Some time ago, I noted that I do not drink coffee, and someone left me an adorable comment about praying for my conversion.  Well, sweet little anonymous person, your prayers have come true.  In my effort to lose some weight, get more energy and lose some bad habits, I decided today to begin drinking iced coffee.  This, you see, in place of the addictive poisonous beverage (the name of which I won't mention) which has no nutritional value and packs on unwanted pounds in no time, particularly around the mid-line.

I have tried giving up my favorite drink before and I succeeded for awhile, but like sin, it beckoned me to have just one sip, and one sip followed another and before I knew it,  I drifted back into my bad habit and became addicted again.  I have been wanting to give up the sweet sugary drink for months but I just didn't have the fortitude to deal with the caffeine-withdrawal headache that usually comes with that particular effort.  Last week, the oldest left behind her iced coffee drink and it looked so enticing I gave it a sip and I thought: I could do this.  So today, I got up, went for a look hot walk, and stopped by the local donut purveyor for a cold cup straight up.  It wasn't bad and despite the long walk in hot and humid conditions, I didn't have my usual brink of collapse at Mass.  In fact, I felt pretty good, with no hint of a headache.

Anyway, I'm going to try and stick this out.  I just ordered a bag of Carmel-flavored coffee from the Mystic Monks (they spell it Carmel, a fitting play on words) via you-know-who's blog. (I can't help it, I'm a sucker for people when they're down, and he seems very down.) I have a couple of weeks off before I start the new job, God-willing, and there's no time like the present to try to get my act together.

I really do feel like an enormous weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  Now it's time to lift some from the rest of me.

Friday, the little miss spent the day in NYC with someone who is like an aunt to her.  She went to her 3rd Paul McCartney concert in as many years.  I saw Sir Paul once, back in the early 90's in Philadelphia, and while it was a great concert, once was enough.  All of my kids grew up singing Beatles' tunes, but only Rebecca has carried her interest into her teen years.  I love that though she is a teenager, she does not care enough about her appearance not to wear Union Jack socks, peace sign earrings and Fab-Four t-shirt topped off by her Beatles shoulder bag.  She was in her glory.

The other day I was listening to the radio on the way home from work and I heard "Norwegian Wood" and noticed some things about it I simply hadn't heard before.  I was a small child when the Beatles came into their own and I spent hours listening to their 45's on a little record player I had.  I often thank God I wasn't a teenager then because I don't know how I would have reacted to their music.  I enjoy their music as much as any Beatles' fan, but there are times when I wonder about their influence on pop culture and subsequently, on morality and social mores.  If the organ is the instrument designated by the Church as the only appropriate accompaniment at Mass, what, then, is the electric guitar?  I might prefer not to know.  I love sacred music, but it would be an enormous sacrifice to give up listening to rock.  If asked, I would do it, but I don't know that I could voluntarily refrain from hearing "Please Please Me" again.  (The harmonica and the vocals make that song, not the evil electric guitar).

I am enormously grateful for the fact that tomorrow is a Monday, and I will be able to spend it away from work.  Now if the Phillies don't completely collapse and give way to the Mets, it will be a pretty good weekend.  God-willing, I will try to finish it off by some time in Adoration this evening.


  1. Gosh, I've become a coffeine addict. I have to have two or three cups of coffee a day. Actually it's supposed to have positive health benefits, but if I don't have a cup I do get a withdrawl headache.

    Norwegian Wood is a great song. Interesting you wonder if you would be a Beatles fan today. I've had similar thoughts, only my favorite rock band is The Rolling Stones. I feel like I've got to say an Act of Contrition every time I hear them

  2. Well, I don't think I could drink it hot. I actually don't care for hot drinks, but so far, no headache. I know what you mean about the Stones. A bunch of dirty old men lol.

  3. Mt head is throbbing slightly as I read this...I decided to go to a later mass...I do hope you do well on your quest to vanquish the sweet drink...:) watch out though, coffee could be a sweet drink too! I do love my coffee...sigh.

  4. Yeah, but unlike Pepsi (ooops, there I said it) it is only as sweet as you choose to make it. Unfortunately, I never could drink diet soda. Believe me, I intend to avoid at all costs coffee drinks loaded with cream and sugar. To really ward off a headache, I've been drinking my husband's Latin American rocket fuel straight up over ice. So far, so good. I hope your headache goes away, the heat and humidity today certainly can't be helping.

  5. Hey Joyce, if your addiction is to a four letter word drink that comes in a red can, maybe we can start a recovery group.

    I use the sugary potion for migraines, panic attacks and episodes of low blood sugar. It's sort of like my wonder drug!

    I've cut back, but never OUT. If you are successful, you'll give me hope. Meanwhile, I"m cheering you on!

    Down with C---, if I guessed right! : )

  6. Uh oh, didn't notice your last comment wherein the villain was revealed. But Pepsi and Coke are evil cousins! I've often used them interchangeably.

    I hate diet drinks too. Wish I could handle heavy duty caffeine for my migraines, but I get hyper on one Excedrin. Good luck!

  7. Thanks Patricia, unfortunately I'm such a weakling that there is no such thing as cutting back. I have to cut it out altogether or stay hooked for life. The coffee is well-diluted by the amount of ice cubes I pour it over. It's only day 2 so I'll keep you posted and hopefully, we can both kick the habit!

  8. when I was in Europe, since there is no such thing as decaf, i am forced to drink all things caffeinated (those i drink decaf in the US) but whenever i get back home, aye aye aye, what a headache...

    God Bless


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