Friday, July 1, 2011

The Feast of the Sacred Heart

Be sure to pause today in grateful appreciation for and in reparation to the Heart that loves men so much.  I'm going to do my best.  There are the usual suspects who will make that as difficult as they can for me.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be praised, adored and loved, now and forever. Amen


  1. "Crosses, contempt, suffering, afflictions: these are the true treasures of the lovers of Jesus Christ crucified".

    --St. Margaret Mary, Apostle of the Sacred Heart
    From her Letters

    Joyce: It was so loud at Mass today that I acutally had to walk out. I have never done this in my life. Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me, a poor sinner. I am working on the website!


  2. Our Mass was quiet, but immediately after it was over, the yakkers went at it. I got up and changed my pew and sat up front before the image of the Sacred Heart. So sad.

  3. RIGHT behind me!! I might add. I just set my little prayer paper down and waited. And tried not to sigh too loud.
    And are you referring to the man that sits up in front of us? Or somebody else--we have been seeing him for years, we call him the man with the rolled up shirt sleeves :) How on earth do you find out all this stuff? You don't talk? We have been attending that mass together or apart for years, and never knew a fraction of it! lol

  4. It's true I don't don't talk in church, but that gentleman and I (yes, the one with the rolled up sleeves) used to walk to Broad St together when I used to park on Broad and walk to church to avoid having to look for a spot nearby. After awhile, I learned who knows him outside church and who doesn't, etc. etc. I also know he goes to Seven Eleven all the time for coffee and they also usually know the scoop.

  5. Yes! We always saw him there. We will certainly pray for him. He has been so faithful at that mass.


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