Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Game Goes On

I just back from the Phillies' extra-inning win over the Braves.  I thought for sure the game was going to get rained out.  As it was, we didn't even take our soaking wet seats until 90 minutes past the scheduled start time, and we no sooner sat down than the tarp made an encore on the field.  Some time after 9pm, the game got started, Roy Halladay on the mound, and in the 10th inning, Raul Ibanez got a walk-off homer. Not bad for a game that nearly got postponed.  We had fantastic seats, courtesy of one of the docs I work with, just 5 rows back from the field, behind 3rd base.  In fact, Rebecca and I both noticed that when Doc was getting ready for his wind-up, it seemed like he was staring right at us.  I can tell you it's quite an intimidating glare he has!

There was a noticeable effort by the players not to toss the ball high into the stands.  In fact, a few of the Braves' players opted not to toss the ball at all to waiting fans.  The tragedy of the previous night in Texas was definitely on many people's minds. I don't know the details of how Shannon Stone was killed, but a father wanting to catch a ball for his young son is a familiar scene at the ball park and not one you expect to end in tragedy.  Very sad.

Every time I leave Citizens' Bank Park or the Wells Fargo Center, I think of how our sporting arenas are like cathedrals for fans who have made a religion out of baseball, football, etc.  What are the odds of 45,000 people coming to see Our Lord night after night?  The answer is a very sad commentary on our priorities.  I love baseball, football and hockey, but all in their proper perspective.  And I can't help but feel a little icky after I go to a game knowing Our Lord does not receive the same adoration as our sports figures do.

I love watching Doc pitch, but good as he is, he never walked on water.


  1. Phillies continue to roll. Yankees are doing better than I expected. Jeter had a great day today and got his 3000th. In case you've forgotten i hate the Yankees. My beloved Orioles are falling like a rock these past two weeks.

  2. Yeah, Manny, I know, there is no joy in Birdland these days. The Phils bullpen collapsed today, unfortunately, but tomorrow is another day.In case you didn't notice, it took our pitcher, Cliff Lee, to get any offense going. He hit his first homer today, the only run the Phils scored.


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