Monday, February 20, 2012


Thank you Father John Boyle.  I think I'm going to follow Father's example and let my blog go silent for Lent.  If I have some earth-shattering revelation or reflection that I feel I simply must share, I'll write a draft to be published after Lent.  The only exception will be posting of any happenings in the Archdiocese that might be of interest to my local readers.

In the meantime, let's keep each other in prayer.

I wish you all a holy and spiritually profitable Lenten journey.  I'll see you when He's Risen!


  1. For all of Lent?? Oh no. I'm going to miss stopping by here. I consider you my spiritual guide. Your suggestion of skipping Fridays worked its way in me, and I've decided to follow you on that. But I can't do all of Lent. You will be in my prayers Joyce.

  2. I'll miss you! We will be concentrating on prayer this Lent. To get our government and our country back on track, for the poor souls and for the abortion/birth control issues facing us today. See you soon!

  3. I wish the same for you Joyce...I haven't decided past blogfast Friday's...still praying about it though.

    Whatever the Lord wills.

    Love you +

  4. Will miss you, Joyce! So far, I don't feel called to a total blog fast, but I thank you for the suggestion of blog free Fridays, and I am definitely going to keep that fast..

    May we all bring Jesus great love and consolation this matter what we choose to offer from our hearts.

    Meet you at the Empty Tomb!

  5. Joyce~God Bless You in this fast you are undertaking. I pray the silence will bring you even closer to the Lord and His whisperings.

    Have a holy, blessed Lent my friend.


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