Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Post the Radical Feminists Don't Want You to Read

The fact that I did not always do the right thing in life is well-documented on this blog.  In fact, one of things that motivates me to write publicly about some very personal issues is the hope that it might lead a stray home.

This morning when I came downstairs, the television had been turned on by Mr. Y Chromosome, who must have constant background noise, and it was tuned in to some political  talk show where people were scoffing at Rick Santorum and the backlash about the recent HHS decision.

I heard women talk about birth control and abortion as healthcare issues.  I heard women talk as though killing your offspring is something normal.  I heard smart, educated, sophisticated women discuss the Catholic church's stand on abortion and contraception as some kind of misogynist plot to kill women.

Wouldn't it be nice if someone was permitted to ask these women, point-blank, what is so normal about murdering our own children?  The Big Lie has so permeated our society that we don't even blink about the fact that so many think it's OK to have a baby torn from the womb in so many pieces.  I feel like I'm listening to a political version of the "Stepford Wives" as these sad, misguided ladies perpetrate the lie that abortion is a "right" women should have.  In fact, it's a horror so beneath our dignity as women and human beings that I begin to believe these women are not very smart at all.  All the education, degrees, and experience in the working world mean nothing if you are willing to throw away your greatest gifts as something to be prevented or destroyed, like cancer or heart disease.

I know this is a question a lot of us have been asking these past weeks, but it bears repeating:  When did pregnancy become an illness that needed to be prevented?

I once got into a spat with a columnist at Huffington Post who aborted her child after learning she'd been exposed to a known teratogen.  She talked about how, prior to conceiving, she and her husband decided that they wanted to limit the size of their family so that they did not take more from the earth than they were entitled to have.  I find this is a prevailing belief among many on the left, that somehow we should limit procreation to preserve the earth's resources.

Of all the wonders God created, nothing means so much to Him as His people.  He didn't send His Only Son to save the whales, the trees or the ozone.  He sent Him to save us, His children.  And yet we have this mindset that thinks we should limit His most precious creation - humans - in order to "save" the planet.

Abortion is the only medical procedure performed that intentionally leaves a human being dead at its conclusion. In America, women have the legal freedom to kill their own children.  It's so horrible it is difficult say it.

Those are the cold, hard facts someone needs to remind these intellectuals the next time they want to mock Rick Santorum or anyone else who upholds the sanctity of life.  Abortion is a sick, demeaning, destructive act that is so beneath our dignity as women that no self-respecting feminist should ever talk about it as anything other than what it is - slavery to sin, the wages of which is death.


  1. Outstanding post, Joyce! Thank you!

    I find that feminists are actually anti-woman, because their idea of exalting women is to make them as much like men as possible. A true feminist would instead cherish and seek to encourage those natural gifts and traits which are innate to bearing and nurturing children, being modest and setting moral standards in the culture, inspiring the beautiful gifts God gave to men to provide for and protect their families, etc.

    What an upside down world we have created!

    Thanks again for a terrific post.


    1. Thank you Patricia, I'm still not articulating exactly what I want to say, but I got close enough, I think. Yes, the world surely is upside down and I wonder how much longer it will go on.
      Love you

  2. Oh Joyce I can't tell you how I want to jump through the TV screen when people mischaracterize Rick Santorum, on BOTH sides of the aisle. I keep hearing, "oh, he shouldn't be talking about this or that social issue..." But THOSE are the things he keeps getting asked about, in order to try and get a sound byte that can be blown all over as being "radically right wing." And true to his nature, when he is asked a question, he answers it! Honestly! Heaven forbid such a man should become President. The media hasn't seen any one honest in so long they can't seem to process it.
    The Republicans that keep the mantra going that he could not defeat Obama are just plainly not hearing what the voting public is saying. They are even speculating that the GOP will have to come up with ANOTHER CANDIDATE if Santorum keeps winning the states.
    I guess you can sense my frustration.

    The "women's health" title given to all those "services" that in reality, strip women of their dignity and worth-as you said--trumpeted by the elites and supposed inteligencia--yeah. I have yet to be convinced about that. Good heavens, they have Nancy Pelosi as their leader. Not sure how they justify that one. Every time she opens her mouth, the makings for a political Dr, Suess book flies out.

  3. Well, I think it's sad that we have descended so low into moral decay that we need to depend on elected officials and politicians to pull us back from the abyss, but that's the reality of our world today. Society has tried to normalize so many aberrations, same-sex marriage being just one of them, that I do wonder when it will stop or how long God will allow it to continue. The Republicans that you're hearing are the ones who for years have used issues like abortion as an election tool with little or no real interest in seeing it end. Santorum defers to his faith in all matters, and that's not something most politicians are willing to do, despite what they say. As you well know, I agree with the statement that both parties are wings on the same vulture, but things being what they are, I don't think I can sit on the sidelines during this election and it goes far beyond abortion.

    When we hear the misnomers given to abortion, we just have to keep pointing out the truth. There is nothing safe about a procedure that deliberately snuffs out a life.

    God bless

  4. Having made heinous mistakes myself, I feel so sorry for these women. When I hear them say these lies about "women's health" I feel like I am in the twilight zone. How can an intelligent women really believe that??

    Catching up on many of your recent blog posts today and they are wonderful, as usual. Blessed Sunday, Joyce.

  5. And Joyce, I'm so afraid the worst is yet to come because we have an entire younger generation who grew up with this thinking. The stories I hear from high school and college...absolutely unbelievable. We have a whole 'hook-up'culture that has lost sight of the treasure and dignity of not only their own bodies..but the sanctity of the life of the unborn.
    I thought you expressed the demeaning destructiveness of it all very well.
    Like you, I wonder how much longer this can go on.

    Love and +

    1. I know what you mean Caroline. The term "casual sex" has taken on a whole new meaning and like you, I'm afraid it's only going to get worse. I only thank God for opening my eyes before it's too late and that is why I feel I have such an obligation to help others see God's truth.
      Love and prayers

  6. I completely agree. I can't watch such open discussion of abortion. It drives me to a boil. That woman you were debating at Huff Post sounds like a moron. And I also agree with Patricia above. Feminists have become anti-feminists.


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