Saturday, February 4, 2012

Meditation for First Saturday of the BVM

This meditation of the Finding of the Christ Child in the Temple is from Fr. Benedict Groeschel's book Rosary: Chain of Hope.

"Anxiety is a familiar component of human life, and  perhaps it is more common now in more affluent times.  Material comforts and anxiety inexplicably go together.  One often encounters in the poor a certain acceptance of life, with its pain and fear.  The poor live with an inexplicable hope,  born of pain and suffering, that permits them to go on even when disaster has occurred and threatens to strike again.

We all live through anxious moments, and even very dark moments, when our worst fears are realized.  Mary and Joseph were relieved to find the Christ Child in the temple.  In less than half a lifetime Mary would lose her Son at Calvary in the sight of this same temple.  This reminds us that Christianity is very much the religion of a God who suffers."


  1. Thank you for this Joyce, Very timely for me this week..+

  2. And for me as well Caroline, which is why I posted it.
    Love and prayers


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