Thursday, February 2, 2012

Is The Tide Starting to Turn?

In the same week that a columnist for the Washington Post told Chris Matthews that the Obama administration "threw Catholics under the bus", it's announced that the Susan G. Komen Foundation has withdrawn financial support of Planned Parenthood. Sure, there's outrage and protest on the part of the crowd that would like us to believe that PP is a benevolent organization, but this is also an encouraging sign. If PP is using this smack-down as a fund-raising mechanism, then it's obvious they don't need our tax dollars or money from the Komen Foundation to fund their nefarious agenda.

What's more, does anyone really believe that PP offers mammograms? If they do offer them, why don't they advertise them? Because this is an organization incapable of telling the truth. Providing a referral for a mammogram is like offering a band-aid to an accident victim and calling yourself a trauma center. And that's all they do - offer referrals that a woman can get from plenty of other sources.

There was a time in my life when I was on the wrong side of the abortion issue, as you well know. Whatever the Komen Foundation did in the past, it deserves our support for the courage demonstrated in telling the merchants of death "no more." I welcome this news and regard this as a victory for the pro-life movement.

Let's pray for more victories like this one.

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