Saturday, February 18, 2012

For Wives and Mothers Wishing to Deepen Their Vocations

If you're like me, teetering on the threshold  of joining a third order, this post from Vultus Christi is for you.  Thanks again to Father Mark.


  1. I followed your link. Thank you. Really needed to learn about St. Francesca of Rome.

  2. If you're teetering on the threshold, then I actually recommend going ahead and joining. If you believe that there might be a good chance that a third order might be what God is calling you to then you will only really be able to find out by making the step into a third order (Carmelites for you, no?). If I understand third orders correctly, you'll have some years to discern and be formed before the decision becomes final. Ultimately, if you have such a strong pull towards a third order, you won't be able to really discern them properly until you experience their life. There is no obligation to stay and join if it is not what God asks of you, so don't worry.

    And if you have worries about not being good enough, don't worry, we all do. No one is ever really ready for their call. That's why several years are given, and there is a formation program. They want to make you the best that you can be. So if you're teetering on the threshold, then I'd say to make the first step and start the formation program for a third order. You'll never really find out if it's what you must do any other way.

    1. Good advice Daniel. I have been lacking in courage and it's time to get over that. God bless you.


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