Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why Is Nancy Pelosi Still Calling Herself Catholic?

And why isn't some Bishop calling her on the carpet and instructing her not to present herself for Holy Communion?  Seriously, if the Pope summoned me to Rome for a private audience whereby he forbade photographs, I think it would have been more than enough for me to grasp the fact that I was not living in conformity with church teaching on intrinsic moral issues.

There's hubris, and then there's Pelosi.

BTW, the Church should not be shocked that so many of its members support abortion and contraception.  When the institution of marriage was weakened by the granting of annulments like so many M & M's, everything else rooted in that foundation fell with it, like dominoes.  People make mistakes.  People enter marriages in good faith and suffer betrayal and even abuse and they should have recourse. I am not referring to those people.  But marriage is not something to be entered into lightly, like trying on a pair of shoes to see which ones fit.  Perhaps if there were more stringent requirements before granting the sacrament of matrimony people would be a lot more careful about who they marry and why.


 Also, BTW, I will get around to responding to some comments and requests a bit later.  My daschhund is snuggled on the couch next to me, pulling at my arm.  This usually means he wants me to find some canine videos for him to watch on YouTube.  I kid you not.  Usually, I indulge him by finding something featuring a Bichon Frise which was the kind of dog we had that died a few years back, leaving him heartbroken.  He actually leans in close to sniff the screen to see if it's really him.

What can I tell you? The dog is neurotic and I probably helped to make him that way.  It's entertaining, to say the least.

There's another reason I'm his best friend right now.  When I got up for work this morning, I heard him whimpering on the bed.  Somehow, a string from the quilt went through one of his claws, like thread through the eye of a needle.  I managed to get him to calm down while I went off to find a scissor to cut the string.  His little paws were sweating and his heart was racing and when I cut him loose, he wouldn't stop licking my hand in gratitude.

A loyal dog is one of God's most endearing gifts to us.


  1. Good question Joyce. I will pray specifically for the conversion of Pelosi's heart today.

    Our priest gave a homily recently on marriage and divorce and his bottom line lesson is that couples do not pray together to discern if this is truly who God wants them to be with (thy're steering their own ship)and they do not pray together to strengthen their union. Makes sense to me.

    1. Excellent homily by your priest Noreen, I think that's a message all of us could afford to hear more often.

  2. Joyce, Thank you for the ear to ear smile you gave me thinking of your sweet daschhund waiting for canine videos...He's not neurotic, just adorable....I'd rather read about him than think about the terrible scandal being brought on by the former woman speaker.
    Hope you're feeling better..
    Blessings +

    1. Thanks Caroline, I'm getting there. Good thing this hasn't been a difficult winter. I'm glad my dog story brought a smile to your face. He's quite a little character. As for Pelosi, I keep wondering if I was ever as misguided. Noreen is right, she needs our prayers, but she also needs to be put in her place.


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