Friday, February 10, 2012

Something to Think About

photo via Liturgiae Causa

This idea came to us in the daily reflection that we receive at work each day, and that is, that God's mercy and forgiveness are like the dawn, coming over and over again.

You know by reading my profile that I didn't always lead the kind of life that a Catholic wife and mother should, but I want you to know, especially those of you struggling, that I never worry about what I've done.  I concern myself with where I'm going.  There are many people I would never have reached had I not gone down the sinful path that I did, and perhaps the same can be said for you.

To everything, there is a purpose.

Sometimes, that includes the darkest, most horrific places in our lives.

One day, we'll know, so for now, our only recourse is to trust.

God is in control.  Always.


  1. I certainly didn't lead a good Catholic life either. There are probably more like us than not, Joyce. I absolutely love that simile. It's wonderful thought. I shall think of that always now when I see the dawn. I shall have to mutter a short prayer as it does. It will be as a blessing coming over me and everyone.

  2. Right Manny, it's important to remember that Christ Himself said those who are well have no need of a physician.


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