Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jesus Hung Between Two Thieves

Every Lent something very simple strikes me in a powerful way.  While praying before the Monstrance, the realization that the Son of the Living God died between two common thieves struck me like a bolt of lightning. Humility  and mortification until His dying last. Associating with sinners right until the end. 

One day while preparing for confession in front of a life-sized crucifix, I thought of my sins and said to myself, quite in error:
Christ died so I could do these awful things. 
And a voice corrected me, saying:
No, He died because of these awful things you did. Show your love by resolving not to do them again. And if you give in to human weakness and fragility yet again, remember that He fell 3 times on the way to Calvary. Ask for His help and pick up your cross. 

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