Friday, August 26, 2011


What a week.  First an earthquake, now a hurricane.  I have a feeling by the time it packs its wallop over the City of Brotherly Love, it will be reduced to a tropical storm, but given the amount of rain we've had this month, any amount of water is a  big problem .

Our hospital is bracing for the worst as I'm sure many others are as well.  The management team is going to cover the hospital in shifts and thanks be to God, I'm not due there until Monday, assuming I don't need a boat to get there.  I really don't know what to expect.  In one of our emergency planning meetings, our director of spiritual life reminded everyone about Mass in the chapel.  I don't know how many people attended the late morning Mass, but we had our usual complement at the early Eucharist.

Being surrounded as I am of constant reminders of Christ, I worry sometimes that I don't think about Him often enough during the day.  And the words of St. Therese come to mind, where she observes how a simple gesture like a smile can bring Jesus such joy.

Some of the people we serve are suffering like few I've seen before.  The gym where they go for daily physical therapy is down the hall from one of my departments.  As they struggle to take every step, I notice that no matter how difficult their journey down the hall seems, they never fail to return a smile.
I can't help but go back to my thought that we are seeing the beginning of the end.  The Last Day may not happen in my lifetime, but I'm struggling to live as though it will and encouraging others to do the same as well.

Before I left for the day, I helped my nurses move all any equipment we have near windows to safer places.  We unplugged all our computers and covered them in plastic bags.  Not sure if that will help or not, but the process gave me a chance to talk to them about praying the Rosary.  I reminded them of the house of Jesuits that survived the bombing of Hiroshima because they heeded Our Lady's request.

I hope and pray all of you in this storm's path will come out unscathed.  May God's Will  be done.


  1. Ditto, Joyce. Praying we all prepare our homes as best we can, and then prepare our hearts! Perhaps we can experience His peace in the midst of this storm :) Of course I am scheduled to lector tonight. lol

  2. So is Rebecca! Better tonight it seems than tomorrow. I wonder if Masses will be canceled.
    Stay safe and God bless!

  3. Be careful and stay safe! Sending prayers for all.

  4. Looks like I may have to miss mass tomorrow. I hate that but unless things change it looks too nasty, and mass may actually be cancelled.

    Prayers to you and Kelly and anyone else in the path. Keep safe. By the way, I've got another blog on the hurricane, different than the one you kindly commented at.


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