Monday, August 22, 2011

The Sacred Heart and the Little Flower

I wrote a few months ago about noticing statues of the Sacred Heart and St. Therese in my neighbor's house.  What's so unusual about that, you say?  My neighbors aren't at all religious.  I mentioned the statues to the husband once and he mentioned that he found them in one of his properties that he recently bought and that they had no meaning to him except he thought they were neat "art deco".

This same neighbor informed us that he will be having major work done on his house and he and his wife will be moving out for a awhile until the demo and reconstruction is complete.  I mentioned to him that I would like to make him an offer for the statue of St. Therese and he told me they weren't separate statues, they were all one piece.

"Let me talk to my wife and I'll let you know what she says."

That was last night.

Tonight, I came home from work,  had a little snack, got dinner on its way, and sat down on the couch next to Rebecca, discussing her day.  I glanced up at the book shelf and did a double take.  There they were - Our Lord, pointing to His Sacred Heart, and St. Therese, embracing her crucifix and roses.

This morning, there was a knock at the door around 9am and my husband happened to be home, working on estimates.  There was my neighbor holding the statues.  He and his wife decided I should have them and they would not take any money for them.  They mentioned that the man whose home they had been in prayed in front of them every day.

Here is a photo.  To be sure, the figures are in need of some work.  Our Lord looks like He has a cut on His nose and St. Therese's facial features have faded a bit, but a little TLC will quickly restore them both.  There is a holy water font between them and there is a place on the base of the statue for a candle.

I have never, even once, seen an image of Jesus and Therese together like this.  I cannot believe I have this in my home.  I called my neighbor and assured him that he and his wife will be in my prayers.

I consider this a rose of sorts.  Shortly before I left work, I received an email that my ailing former co-worker, who had suffered a serious setback at the end of last week, was now extubated and sitting up in a chair.  I stopped by the chapel on my way home to say a special thanks.

Friends, I cannot tell you what a joy it is to be able to bask in the Lord's Presence in the chapel before I head home every day.  I felt like I should pinch myself to be sure it's all real.

Now, as for St. Therese...God-willing, if the day comes when I meet her face to face, I want her to explain why every Theresa who has ever worked for me has been such a problem.  You'd think someone named after the greatest saint of modern times would own up to the name.  Nope.  Every Theresa who has worked for me has been a problem child.    Only one thing to do with such people - lift them up in prayer to their namesake and let her do the rest.


  1. this is so cool. i have the same statue set with the Little Flower and Mary! i never knew there was also one with the sacred heart. thats awesome. i just hope that when it comes time that i will be able to meet St. Therese, i am ready...

    God Bless

  2. I never knew the one you described existed either, Issac, I'd love to see a photo if you can manage it.

    We will continue to pray for each other that we will meet St. Therese. Perhaps by the time you do, you'll be one of the priests she keeps in constant prayer.

  3. Joyce, what a joy for you! I too have never seen a "set" of Therese of Jesus together. She is usually seen with the Holy Child, or even receiving roses from Mary in Heaven, but never like yours. So unique and precious. A gift of love for you from Jesus and His Therese. They must love you in a very special way. I know you will treasure this gift all of your life. So happy for you : )

  4. They are lovely!
    I'm envious. It is SO hard to find a statue of St Therese that has appealing facial features.
    I mean, this one has her round face and a soft expression. I'm so happy they ended up with you.
    You're on a roll. :)

  5. That's wonderful that they gave these to you, as a gift. I am sure they thought this would be in good hands in your home.

  6. Impressive, particularly since it comes with a holy water font. Now if only they had one with St. Faustina...

  7. i will try to manage a picture on my blog sometime today.
    How did you know that i was going to come a priest?
    God Bless

  8. Wow, that's amazing that they gave you this and that it is really beautiful. Enjoy it as I know you will. And it's funny about the Theresas :) I know maybe not at the time...Bib and I drove right past your workplace on our way to the big band gig Bethlehem last Friday.

  9. Thank you all. I need to set aside some time when I'm not rushing around to give them a gentle but thorough cleaning and then determine whether I need to take them to a professional to be restored. I'd love to know when and where they were made.

    Julie, I know what you mean. Most of the statuary today seems to be made in China and it shows. The "artists" don't seem able to capture her sweet, soft expression. My Teresa of Avila was made in Spain and she's exquisite. I feel very blessed indeed to have this in my home.

    Patricia yes, I know the images you speak of. There is one at the Carmelite Monastery that I thought about getting - it's of Therese rocking the Infant Jesus in her arms.

    Issac, I believe you mentioned it to me awhile ago, correct?

  10. I thought I post a comment here yesterday. Perhaps I forgot to hit Post.

    Anyway, it's a wonderful gift. May you have lots of blessed moments with it.

    I also got a laugh out of your Theresas. I have an aunt Theresa who is a real pain in the neck, or she used to be. She's gotten better with age, though she still turns irritable on a dime. ;)


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