Friday, August 19, 2011

Update On Ex-Communication

To all concerned about the link I posted yesterday about ex-communication, take a look at this   Hopefully, it will answer some of our questions and allay some of our fears.   I went back and read some of the additional comments on Father Z's blog and one poor woman is left wondering whether or not her marriage is valid.  It doesn't matter what I think, as I am subject to obedience, but I do have some concern that a person could read that post and decide they're in a hopeless situation when in fact, they're not.  That's the danger with dangling information on the internet without benefit of having questions answered in a like manner.  Hopefully, those with such questions have access to a priest in whom they can confide so they can, if they're not already there, get on the right path.


  1. You are so right to raise a caution with regard to dangling information on the internet....As if there isn't enough to concern people in the blogosphere...

    'A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out.' Is 42:3

    Blessings +

  2. Abortion is a horrible sin, but why would it be any different than any other sin? I thought all sins were forgivable. Is one excommunicated if one murders someone? Or what about just stealing? Those are horrible sins too, but aren't they fogivable? I'm confused. You cannot receive communion for any mortal sin, but that's not excommunicated.

    Frankly I thought excommunication was reserved for someone preaching doctrines that were not sanctioned by the church, such as heresy.

  3. Thanks for the quote from Scripture Caroline, it is most fitting and I appreciate the reminder.

    Manny, abortion is a mortal sin considered an intrinsic evil. I would suggest looking up the canon codes in question for a more accurate and complete explanation than I can offer.

    I just worry that for people who truly are attracted to the Catholic faith but are frightened by confession,jumping through more hoops doesn't help. What a horrible thing for a woman who took the necessary steps, after seeking an abortion, to be reconciled to the Lord, only to discover later there was a little-known administrative caveat standing in her way. I also realize the command Our Lord gave the disciples regarding the forgiveness of sins does not preclude attaching certain conditions to certain sins.

    On the other hand, it seems to me that an abortionist and those who participate in performing abortion, like Planned Parenthood staff, would be more likely to subject themselves to ex-communication (if they're Catholic to begin with) than a woman who may be frightened, confused and mislead into thinking she has no other choice.

  4. I tried to look it up and it's way to complicated. Ultimately I have to believe that no sin is unforgivable.

    And I do agree with your last paragragh in your comment above. For me it's the abortionist and possibly the politicians who support it that should be excommunicated. I have to think that for most women it's a horrible choice but feel compelled to make. Still there are some that do it as a method of birth control.

  5. Joyce, Father Tim, over at Hermenuetics blog is a friend of Fr Z's. He is also very approachable and loves the EF!

    I wonder if he might be able to help you with any queries, if you were to ask him. He always responds to my comments if I ask a question within them. I couldn't see his email address to link you to, but it may be available on his parish website or just ask your question in a comment and leave it to him as to whether he publishes. Just a thought, as he may be able to reach Fr Z for clarification quicker than others?

    God bless. All will be well.

  6. Thanks Ros, I appreciate the info. I should add Father Tim's blog to my blogroll. We don't necessarily need Father Z to clarify, we just need a priest who is well-informed on this issue and willing to help and I think my best bet is to talk to my pastor.

  7. Hi Joyce--had a conversation with Father Kevin. What Bob thought was partly right. All Philadelphia priests have the necessary faculties ever since Cardinal Bevilaqua. But elsewhere in the country, one has to ask. The responsibility lies with the priest, though, not the penitent.

  8. Thanks Kelly, I forgot to mention that yesterday, glad you brought it up and hope it brought you some peace of mind.

  9. Thanks--it did--just like to know what's what! :)


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