Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Few Moments With the Lord

I have been trying to make a habit of visiting the Blessed Sacrament on Saturday nights.  I wasn't quite in the mood to get up off the couch this evening, but I didn't spend the First Saturday as I should have, and wanted to set aside a little quiet time for prayer.  To the surprise of my hubby falling asleep in the armchair, I headed out the door a little after 9 with the promise I'd be back shortly.

No one was in the chapel, but after about 15 minutes, I heard some voices outside the door, speaking in higher volumes than I'm accustomed to hearing from regulars at the chapel.  The next thing I heard were a lot of footsteps coming in the door, voices in hushed tones and the sounds of cell phones being turned off.  It sounded like a pretty big group and they weren't as quiet as people normally are in the small chapel. One of the adorers knelt down directly behind me. He/she was chewing wildly, like a cow with a cud, and I could smell the scent of the bubble gum.  Then when he/she got up they banged the kneeler loudly.  I tried to shrug it all off because I had the feeling the group wouldn't be staying long.  I was right.

When they approached the Blessed Sacrament to say goodbye, I was taken aback to see that it was a group of teen-aged boys, probably no more than 16 or 17.  The knelt down on the floor before the monstrance  and said a prayer together.

Although it was a little disruptive, it was also quite charming.  I don't personally know any teen-aged boys that would take the time on a Saturday night to pay the Lord a visit.  They looked like angels kneeling in front of the monstrance.  Then, the same way they came in, they left.

I hope they become regular visitors.


  1. Imagine the Joy of Jesus! And what great hope there is for the future of the Church. I think this new generation is really bringing so much life back to the Church. I think of (and pray for) the young men I come across with Catholic blogs - many discerning the priesthood. Thank you Lord.

    Joyce, betcha cried after they left : )

  2. I thought about this post a couple days ago when I went to our local Church to pray my Rosary in front of the Blessed Sacrament...a teenager shuffled in with his scruffy clothes and chain hanging down the side and started to pray. It was lovely to see...I could tell he was "new at this." He then headed over to the statue of St. Joseph and lit some candles, making a ton of noise without intending to. I praised the Lord for his presence and spent some time praying for him. This particular church is exceptionally beautiful and has perpetual adoration in the main sanctuary. There is no better place to be...and I'm glad he was there. :-)


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