Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Keep Me Company for a Quarter of an Hour"

This is one of the requests the Virgin of Fatima made of Sister Lucia in asking that the First Saturday of the month be spent in her honor in a particular way for the purpose of consoling her Immaculate Heart and in reparation for the offenses committed by man.

Imagine a person of great importance imploring me to keep them company for 15 minutes once a month.  Would I not dress in my best?  Would my attention not be riveted upon them, listening intently to everything they had to say to me?  Would I dare allow my mind to wander as they dispensed their wisdom, or the mere pleasure of their company?  Almost certainly not.

So why on earth is it so difficult to honor a simple request of the Mother of God in a manner befitting of her?

(I direct this question to no one in particular - just me talking out loud to myself again)


  1. Because I so often need to be reminded! Thanks Joyce for putting it all into perspective. And now, I'm going to go spend those 15 minutes with her,of whom I love to remember Therese said,
    "Mary is more Mother than Queen."

  2. Yes Patricia, me, too. Somewhere on this blog are posts about St. Therese and her words about Mary as mother and queen. thanks for stopping by


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