Saturday, August 27, 2011

On The Path of the Little Way

I saw these two stories in the paper today.  They have nothing to do with each other or even anything to do with the Catholic faith, but I still thought they merited a place on my lowly little blog.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Gary Shoap.  Mr. Shoap, 58 years of age, was killed early Thursday morning in a car crash as he was on his way to work.  Mr. Shoap, who was Jewish, worked for the Philadelphia Inquirer as a circulation manager.  Every year, Mr. Shoap volunteered to work on Christmas Day so his Christian employees could spend the holiday with their families.  At first glance, that's perhaps not so unusual, as many kind-hearted Jewish folks go to work in hospitals and other places so their Christian friends can celebrate Christmas.  Mr. Shoap's situation was a little different.  His birthday was December 25.

Gary Shoap, 58, was pronounced dead on the scene of car crash in Bucks County

The new kicker for the San Francisco 49ers, former Philadelphia Eagle, is a class act, more so than the team for which he played for 12 seasons.  Last year, when Akers struggled in the Eagles' lone playoff game, no one knew the personal hell he and his family were experiencing.  His young daughter was being treated at Children's Hospital for ovarian cancer.  He never made excuses and no one knew of the family's crisis until well after the season ended.  David Akers, who wore the #2 during his time with the team,  was kicked to the curb by the Eagles organization like yesterday's trash.  (That's my opinion.  Mr. Akers has too much class to respond in such a way.)

As fans on I-95 approach the home of the Eagles, Lincoln Financial Field, they are now greeted by a billboard left by Akers in appreciation of his time in Philadelphia.  Here it is.

Not too many professional athletes would spend money out of their own pockets to leave such a beautiful gesture behind.  Please keep David Akers and his family in your prayers.  His little daughter is doing well and is cancer-free and we all pray that she will enjoy a long and healthy life.


  1. The sign as I drive in 95 is inspirational. I didn't know about the rest of his story--so glad his daughter is better!
    I def will remember Gary Shoap.

  2. God bless those two individuals. May God look kindly on them.


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