Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Not Easy Because It Wasn't Meant To Be

One of my favorite commenters at Abbey Roads left the following comment in response to questions on Purgatory.  He then left me the link to the clip at the bottom, which I share with you now for something a little different.

"A Padre once asked me if I loved my wife.

“When?” was my reply.

He was taken aback by my response.

I told him anybody that loves their spouse always is in need of treatment.

We marry promising to love, honor, and obey.

Doesn’t always happen.

I knew a couple that fought like two cats in a bag.

They had a dozen kids, and those little punks were a handful.

Their house was always noisy, and the dinner table was every man for himself.

They went to Mass, and always prayed before meals.

When the wife died, the husband gave her a Christian burial.

The Padre that said the Mass was sad to see her go; she was like his second mother.

When he died, his kids buried him.

There were so many children and grandchildren and great grand kids at the Funeral, some of us had to stand in the back of a pretty big Church.

Being Catholic doesn’t so much depend on you loving each other all the time (even pagans love each other), loving God always is the most important thing.

It bears much fruit."


  1. What a great blog Joyce! Lots of wisdom in there. I have to admit my wife and I argue all the My parents always fought like cats and dogs. But they made a marriage of it. What a great scene from the movie that is. I love that movie, but funny I don't remember that scene. Thanks. :)

  2. Thanks Manny, I will get around to your blog this weekend, hopefully. I'm still all out of sorts at night, but oddly enough, have a lot more energy and feel much better during the day, as it should be.

    I really liked the line "fought like two cats in a bag" - that was my Italian grandparents, too.

  3. "fought like two cats in a bag"

    LOL, you know I skimmed over that when I read it. That is very visual. :)


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