Saturday, August 20, 2011

Grateful for a Good Confession and Other Joys of Being Catholic

Although I have the benefit of two daily Masses at my workplace, confessions are not offered to employees. Oh, I'm sure I could speak to the priest after Mass and make arrangements to have my confession heard, but with the large number of patients the priest has to see on a daily basis, I don't want to take up his valuable time for my convenience.  It's a good lesson in patience for me to have to wait until Saturday to be able to get to confession.

Today I was fortunate to have a priest who did more than listen, absolve and send me on my way.  He knew that I was bothered at having to confess something that I find particularly difficult to overcome.  Progress has been made, for sure, but I'm still in search of a cure.  I am very grateful to this priest for not simply glossing over my sins but for taking the time to talk things over, discuss any extenuating circumstances and offer some encouraging words.  Unfortunately, it's clear I'm still have some bouts with scrupulosity, but that, too, is improving.

In the post I put up yesterday about ex-communication, the canon lawyer who wrote the piece noted that excommunication is not meant to be punitive, but medicinal.  The same can and should be said for confession.
I have to say that I never felt lighter and more relieved than I did after receiving this sacrament today.

I wish more people availed themselves of this sacrament.  I know there are people who believe their sins are a matter between themselves and God.  They are, and that's why He provides the priest, acting in His place, to listen, counsel and dispense absolution.

For His Infinite Mercy, is that too much  to ask?

Something strange has happened since I started my new job. I'm actually quite happy at work.  I don't have an office, a computer or a phone yet due to a combination of on-going construction and summer vacations, but I am managing quite nicely.  Something else strange is happening.  For the first time in a very long time, I'm in a workplace where I don't feel like I have to search  for the Presence of God.  He is everywhere I look, in more ways than one.

Aside from the chapel and the statues of the saints and the sisters and the crucifixes, there are the people who genuinely take their mission to serve in the name of Christ to heart.  If a person is so unfortunate as to need to be in the hospital, they couldn't ask for a more pleasant and healing environment.

The other refreshing change is that we can open each meeting with a prayer, and we can have crucifixes and other sacramentals prominently displayed in our offices.  As soon as my new office is ready (I'm told as early as this week), I have a brand-new crucifix with a beautiful depiction of the suffering Christ, a statue of St. Therese and a beautiful triptych of St. Teresa of Avila to display.  We are also looking to rename one of our centers, and I have my boss considering making St. Raphael our patron saint. Of course, this is not simply up to us, but she is in a position to put this idea forward with the higher-ups.  We'll see.

God blessed us in another way today.  My husband's car, a marvel on snow and ice, died of natural causes a month or so ago.  He's managed by borrowing our daughter's car during the week when she doesn't need it, but I was worried I'd have to find another car for myself, an all-wheel drive for the winter days ahead when snow and ice take the place of the heat and the humidity.  We stumbled across a nice little Toyota 4WD today that will be perfect for him to transport his painting equipment and perfect for me in the winter weather. So I don't have to go out and find a new ride, which is especially good news since I'm only a few months away from paying my car off.  In exchange for driving him to the dealership and helping him with the haggling to get the price down, I have earned the right to drive it when I need it.

Now, if the Phils can just put the Nationals away tonight, it will be a fitting end to a beautiful day.

God is good.


  1. I hear you. I need to get to confession more.

    I have to say this new job is absolutely perfect for you. God has really given you some gift. I'm happy for you.

  2. What a wonderful life. How blessed to work in such an environment. See - you are in the heart of the Church too.

    Confession is good for the soul - I've been going almost every week.

  3. Thanks Terry, I really do feel blessed to be where I am right now. I like to go to confession every week when possible. I still have some kinks to work out in my schedule to get back on track. Thank you for stopping by.


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