Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Around the Archdiocese of Philadelphia: Divine Mercy Sunday

As previously published, Divine Mercy Sunday will be observed at the Carmelite Monastery in Philadelphia starting with a Holy Hour at 2pm, followed by the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at 3 pm. The faithful will also have an opportunity to venerate a relic of Pope John Paul II, who will be beatified in Rome on Sunday.  The celebrant for the Mass is Father Kevin McGoldrick.  The Monastery is located at 66th Street and Old York Road (nearly the end of North Broad Street) and parking is available in the lot adjacent to the Monastery on 66th Street.   I'm told the Avila Bookstore will be open following the conclusion of the Mass.

St. Nicholas of Tolentine in South Philadelphia (9th and Watkins Streets) will also hold services observing the Feast of Divine Mercy.

3:00PM Procession and Devotions
3:15PM Chaplet and Confessions Begin
4:00PM Rosary
5:25PM Benediction
6:00PM Mass

At St. Peter the Apostle Church at 5th Street and Girard Avenue (which is also the shrine of St. John Neumann) the Archdiocesan Boys' Choir will lead the Divine Mercy Chant, followed by the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

If anyone has information about any other observances of Divine Mercy Sunday in the Philadelphia area, let us know in the comments.  Thanks.


  1. much to choose from!! At the Carmelite Monastery, there will also be veneration of St. Faustina's relic. There will be Benediction and the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Litany starting at 2 pm. St. William Parish (my parish) will also be having a Divine Mercy Mass at 3 pm with confession as well. There is a very strong devotion at our parish. Do you know which one you will be going to yet Joyce?

  2. Hi Theresa
    God-willing, I will be at the Monastery. My daughter is lectoring at the Vigil Mass Sat and again at the 10am Mass for the First Holy Communion children so she probably will not be with me. Mass at the Monastery is about the only reason I'd be willing to miss the TLM at my parish on Sunday. Maybe I'll see you there?

  3. I will be a couple thousand miles away :(

  4. Right now we are trying to decide whether my husband and I are bringing my youngest and if she will make it that long, or have my oldest daughter babysit and come ourselves OR I may just come myself. Not sure yet : ) But I have intentions of going.


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