Monday, April 11, 2011

Giving In Without Giving Up

Every once in awhile, I will get thrown for a loop in confession, particularly if I go to a priest I have confessed to before.  I find that whether or not I'm prepared for what I'm told, it's just what I need to hear at the time.  After making what I thought was a very honest and thorough confession, the priest, without questioning me,  pointed out another sin I committed but failed to confess.  He gave me a short counsel on how to avoid doing this again and sent me on my way.  Rather than feel the usual incredible lightness of reconciliation, I more appropriately felt humbled and a bit stung.  It was a fitting disposition in which to kneel before the crucifix.

I am determined not to complain and at the very least, to try not to notice when people annoy me.  Instead, I will ask for the grace to welcome these minor trials the same as I would if Christ Himself handed me a thorn from His crown.


  1. Oh my gosh, I can't imagine a priest doing that. Obvioulsy he knew you. Depending on what the sin was, it would have thrown me for a loop too. Fr. Veras in his homily this week (or it might have been last week, it's a blur) said that he understood people going to different churches to confess for the anonymity. He actually endorsed that if it helped.

    Frankly I prefer to be as anonymous as possible during confession. The priest is a stand in for Christ. I don't want the priest as a person judging me; I want Christ's absolution.

  2. Those times can be tough! I hear ya. So I almost always confess to my spiritual director. (I told you about that rough confession :) I am a spiritual pansy.

  3. You are spiritually brave, Joyce. Having been so long away, Confession has been a struggle for me. If I am honest, I am afraid of it, though, I should not be. I had the most wonerful experience with an old Jesuit at the outset of my real conversion of heart...


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