Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Mews

I really couldn't care less about the nuptials at Westminster today, though I wish the newlyweds well.  What interests me are the Cleveland Bays and Windsor Greys - the equines that make up the Queen's Royal Mews.  A long time ago, I rode at a barn that was home to F Troop. No, not the hapless regiment that was the stuff of a hilarious comedy in the 60's.  F Troop actually stood for First City Troop and contained a hodge-podge of horses, most of them rejects, used by the City of Philadelphia for parades and other special occasions.  It was a miracle none of the riders were ever maimed or killed because the beasts that comprised this entourage were nothing like the well-trained, well-bred and perfectly-behaved steeds that live in service of Her Royal Majesty.

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  1. I didn't care about the wedding until I watched a bit of it this morning. I found it very moving.

    Those horses look gorgeous, I don't know the first thing about horses though.


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